Our Team Members

Elio Grieco

Co-founder, CEO

Elio has been writing software and designing systems for over two decades
professionally. He's always put an emphasis on reliability and usability of
technology and how it can better meet the needs of users and customers.

Over the last decade, he's donated his time and leadership to various
educational initiatives in the Phoenix Metro area and across the state of
Arizona with the goal of helping more effectively find and develop talent
from communities not traditionally tapped by the tech industry.

Caitlin Derr

Board Member

Caitlin has worked as a programmer for Amazon and Microsoft and brings a
passion for computer science, guided by its real world application. She's
also served as a regional manager for TEALS, a Microsoft funded
philanthropic effort to bring computer scientists and programmers into the
classroom to share their expertise with students and teachers alike.

For the past several years, Caitlin has been volunteering with efforts to
bring computer science and cyber security to students around Arizona,
including far flung communities like Page and Kayenta. Recently, she has
taken over as lead organizer for CodeDay Phoenix and is continuing to build
on the impressive legacy of Kristin Romaine and Alex Kremer.

Anthony Dezilva

Advisory Board Member

Anthony has worked in cyber security and education with both private sector
and government collaborative groups. Always quick to volunteer and support
or mentor the work of others in this space, he has played an integral role
in helping the Arizona cyber security flourish.

Christopher Sessa

Advisory Board Member

Christopher is dedicated to providing opportunity to all through education.
For over two decades he served the Career and Technical Student
Organization SkillsUSA as both a State and National Technical Chairmen in
the field of Information Technology. Recognized as an influencer of soft
skills, workforce readiness, and IT policy education, Christopher has
helped foster the current generation of the IT Workforce. As part of the
Arizona cyber security community he has driven collaborative efforts and
spearheaded grant-funded education initiatives.

Christina Eichelkraut

Co-founder, Vice President

Christina is a communications professional who believes in the power of
organizing people on a hyper-local level. She has been an advocate for
neighborhood infrastructure improvements, endorsed proper funding for
education and supports accessible neighborhoods. A former print journalist,
Christina founded a digital communications company in 2011 that specializes
in translating complex policy and technical ideas into clear, accessible
language. A word nerd and political junkie, Christina believes when policy
is well considered and properly implemented it can lead to a more
equitable, just and innovative world.

Debbie Kovesdy

Board Member

Debbie has 20 years of experience as an educator and creates innovative
tech-ed modules used in schools throughout the Phoenix metro area. Her
vision allows students to tackle ambitious problems that arise from complex
projects they engineer themselves, better preparing students to be creative
problem solvers in the workforce of tomorrow.

Debbie founded Generation Tech Support with 22 of her students to enable
the aspiring technologists to gain skills and knowledge in a real world
setting. Since then, GenTech has evolved from a computer repair and
tutorial storefront to a Community Tech Hub. Her award-winning KidsTech
program implements groundbreaking methods to teach STEM in schools.

David Koontz

Advisory Board Member

David has been a software engineer and educator for the last decade and has
a strong passion for education. David has taught at all ages, from senior
elementary through adults embarking upon a second career. David is
passionate about functional programming and has overseen a transformation
from imperative object oriented to functional at several companies. He also
hosts the functional programming podcast LambdaCast where he discusses
functional programming in the context of being a regular working developer.
David's is currently working on the revolutionary learning platform Quanta
which seeks to democratize the process of learning difficult concepts.

Darryn Jones

Board Member

Darryn has been working to seek out innovative technologies and bring them
to the Phoenix Metro Area in order to increase opportunities for residents.
He's willing to seek out experts across the country to evaluate new areas
of technology and determine whether bringing their associated industries to
Arizona will ultimately be beneficial to the residents of our state.

Ori Eisen

Advisory Board Member

Ori has been thinking about the critical role of digital identity for well
over a decade, long before issues with the modern web were visible to most.
He started 41st Parameter to address some of these issues in the payment
sector and continues to evolve his work with Trusona.

Christine Kerner

Advisory Board Member

Christine has been a fixture of the Arizona startup scene for over a
decade. She's well respected for the thoughtful and through guidance she
continues to provide to several dozen companies.